CT Day 4: Hey These Mountain Bikers Aren’t So Bad (Little Scraggy)

This was my 2nd weekend of section hiking on the Colorado Trail, as I worked my way through the lower elevation sections in the spring time before I would try to complete what’s left of the 486 miles trail beginning in July. I met my shuttler for today at the Rolling Creek Trailhead near Bailey, and she would drop me off back at Little Scraggy. Erica from Hey Rides had her significant other, daughter, and little dog with her. What a fun bunch. As I got in the back seat of the truck, Erica introduced me to her family. Right away her daughter Zinna let me know she also went by another name, “GODZINNIA rawwwrrr!”. Their little dog Muddy also had an alter ego-named Joe Bitin’. The morning was off to a great start.

I had finished Segments 1 & 2 at Little Scraggy alone in the snow a couple weeks earlier. I was looking forward to hiking on a sunny Sunday but was well aware of popularity of Segment 3 with mountain bikers. In my home town of Steamboat Springs mountain bikers, hikers & trail runners aren’t always the friendliest folks when it comes to sharing a multi-use trail (including me at times, sadly). I was determined to do better here. I wanted fully enjoy the experience of hiking the Colorado Trail and also give consideration to those that might consider this southbound section from Little Scraggy as their “home trail”.

As expected there were lots of vehicles and mountain bikes at the trailhead. I could see why this was a popular trail, with its gentle ups & downs meandering through the thick woods and unique rock formations. Maybe the bikers there are just all around nicer humans or it was the deliberately friendly disposition I brought that day (probably both!), but I think every single interaction I had with the mountain bikers and fellow hikers on that section was pleasant. The occasional bells from behind seemed to say, “Excuse me, mind if I pass by so I can wish you a great hike?”. Most of the riders actually said something like that as they passed, and I would wish them a great day as well.

I was able to finish this 12-mile segment in one day as planned, and carried a full backpack to train for upcoming longer sections. I had some new and unexpected pretty severe shin splints & ankle pain towards the end, but had thankfully set aside some funds to cover some physical therapy. I was now at mile 40 on the CT, and again grateful for another fun day on-trail.

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